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People Matters Advice is a dedicated telephone and email advisory service that provides expert people advice and support.

When it comes to the people issues in your business we can help you with any people related matters, anytime and anywhere.

People Matters Advice provides organisations of any size the ability to tap into support when they need it and for any people related matter. People Matters Advice is powered by Australian based HR Services Firm hranywhere, part of AB Phillips Pty Ltd.

People Matters Advice provides the following advice and services to your business:

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  • Local Australian based team and knowledge
  • Flexible model - you use us when you need it
  • Increased productivity - managers are confident and supported
  • Mitigated commercial risk
  • Enhanced commercial results through sound people management
  • Certainty, surety and confidence in dealing with people matters
  • Quality and reliable advice from experienced Practitioners
  • A single ‘People Support’ service centre
  • Greater level of specialist knowledge
  • Offer real time and responsive support
  • Growth of people management capability across business via Practitioner support and advice
  • Provide a service that offers contemporary support solutions
  • Provide consistent advice and support across a broad range of people management related topics
  • Ability to deal with issues as they arise and - “nip them in the bud”

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